Recommended by SAGES, SeeClear is launched in Brazil

BMR Medical in partnership with CooperSurgical launches SeeClear®, a filter for surgical smoke in Brazil. The product is on the list of products recommended by SAGES (Society of American Gastointestinal) to provide security for resumption of surgery in Covid-19 times.

According to EAES (Endoscopic Surgeons Association for Endoscopic Surgery) filtering can be an effective means of protecting health professionals against the spread of the virus during minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy. 

To understand the need for the filter, SAGES analyzed the particle size of Covid-19. According to them, the virus ranges from 0.06 to 0.14 microns and, for this specification, only the ULPA filter would be effective in stopping the spread of the virus. 

According to the manufacturer, SeeClear has an ULPA filter (Ultra Low Particulate Air) high efficiency for removing particulate matter and viruses as well as an activated carbon filter to eliminate odors and remove chemical compounds. In this way, the product is cataloged as a safe product for the return of laparoscopic surgeries in Covid-19 times.


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