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The MaxB apron is made of nonwoven fabric in SSMS 40g / m², with four layers of protection (Spunbond, Spunbond, Meltblown and Spunbond), with level 2 resistance to the ANSI / AAMI PB70: 2012 standard, for liquid barrier performance.

  • Presentation Surgical, sterile, is indicated for health professionals in procedures that require maximum barrier to reduce risk of infection related to health care.
  • Hospital Presentation, non-sterile, is indicated for procedures that require a barrier against biological contaminants.
  • MaxB® is approved by the ABNT NBR 16064 Standard, with standard performance.


SeeClear® is a disposable filter system that integrates the ULPA filter (Ultra Low Particulate Air) and activated carbon. By incorporating these components, SeeClear allows the removal of particulate matter, viruses, eliminates odors and removes chemical compounds for safe laparoscopic procedures. 

  • SeeClear® does not require assembly, is easy to install and does not require intraoperative flow adjustment.
  • Flow rates are predefined to optimize smoke removal without loss of pneumoperitoneum.
  • With SeeClear the surgeon gains a clear view of the surgical field.
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