Best Lisas®

Best Lisas®'s complete system allows for bone marrow biopsies without the need for dislocation and additional movement. 

  • Sliding lock
  • Ergonomic cover
  • Anti-Injury Probe Guide
  • Extraction probe
  • Safe-Lock® Accessory


The Ben® Needle is indicated for Jamshidi bone marrow biopsy. The needle provides ergonomic grip and the necessary strength.

  • Cutting profile needle
  • Sliding lock
  • Comfort cap
  • Extraction probe


Mielo-can® needle is indicated for bone marrow aspiration, both by the Sternum and the Iliac Crest, with ergonomic ease of grip.

  • Depth regulator handle and millimeter scale
  • Ergonomic reinforced steel handle, distal holes for abundant aspiration

Handy® Biopsy

Biopsy Handy® is a semi-automatic, disposable, soft tissue biopsy needle such as lung, thyroid, breast, liver, kidney, prostate, cartilage, transvaginal. The device allows to obtain samples of 20 mm.

  • Ecogenic Tip
  • Channeled needle for sample seizure
  • It is possible to include Biopsy Sheath coaxial cannula to obtain multiple samples from the same site.
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