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(English) Brazilian Medical Device for the World

Postado em: 4 de outubro, 2016

BMR Medical, a leading provider of oncology medical devices in Brazil is looking for partners in Germany. For the third consecutive year,. BMR Medical is seeking to increase its presence at the largest medical fair in the world; Medica, which takes place from November 13th to the 17th in Düsseldorf Germany.


With over 37,000 square meters of fabrication space, BMR Medical utilizes 40% of its production capacity for partnering with companies outside Brazil.


Within BMR Medical’s state of the art facility are ISO class 7 and 8 clean rooms. BMR Medical is accredited with ISO 13485, 9001, GMP (RDC16-2013), and has CE Marking for it’s Paragon infusion pump product. BMR Medical also has FDA approval for it’s Primoport fully implantable catheter, along with the Paragon pump.


With over ten years experience in the domestic market; from R&D through manufacturing, sales and distribution, BMR Medical can provide a full range of resources for foreign companies interested in doing business in Brazil.

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