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The Safestep Infusion device is indicated for the septal insertion of a subcutaneously implanted chamber (the implantable chamber is not part of the product, being sold separately) and in the perfusion of fluid in the chamber. The safety feature of the Safestep Infusion device is activated manually during removal of the needle, having been designed to help prevent accidental needle sticks.



Easy of use

  • Light weight and easy handling;
  • One step activation safety device;
  • The see-through plastic base allows for optimal visualization of the insertion spot;
  • Needle-free connector;
  • Adaptable to double chamber ports.

Confort to the patient

  • The smallest base of all needles with safety devices
  •  Pad to provide greater comfort (not absorbent)
  •  Low and compact profile, designed to facilitate healing and provide comfort
  •  Minor strength during insertion and withdrawal of the punch base compared to non siliconized needles existing in the market;


  • It has a safety mechanism that reduces risk of injury with perforating materials.


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