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Manufactured by BMR Medical, a Brazilian industry, the Paragon System uses a precise and patented spring mechanism which ensures a continuous infusion from beginning to end.

Paragon provides versatility and accuracy to users. The system allows the infusions to be performed on an outpatient or at home, contributing to the quality of life of patients and their families.

The Paragon home infuser can be used in therapies with chemotherapeutic agents, analgesics, iron chelation therapy and all regimens which use continuous infusion.



Specification: The Paragon infuser has a bar and springs system that provide the pressure required for the infusion.

The flow or infusion rate is defined by the device called flow restrictor. This mechanism has the exact size so that the desired rate of infusion is obtained.

The functioning of the entire Paragon System includes the infusion pump and the Paragon equipment, the device responsible for luer lock, air lock filter, nominal infusion rate, clamp, injection port and bag. Together, they offer a precise and reliable tool for the infusion of drugs, especially for anticancer drugs.

Calculator: To assist the professional in this choice, BMR Medical offers a virtual calculator on the website  www.calculeparagon.com



Studies show that experience and knowledge are crucial to the performance of household infusers. Thus, BMR Medical provides constant workshops and trainings. Request our consultor for any information needed.



(Português) Vídeo de instrução do uso da bomba de infusão Paragon e Auto Fuser para o paciente oncológico


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