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DynaMesh SIS


DynaMesh SIS can be placed through the retronsinfisary or transobturatoric approach.  Depending on the approach chosen, the appropriate insertion tool should be used.

Depending on the surgical approach chosen, DynaMesh-SIS can be deployed to repair vaginal vault prolapse.

The mesh was developed for the pelvic organ prolapse surgical correction.


Specification: The DynaMesh SIS is made of PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride).

This product provides superior resistance to aging, superior biocompatibility, reduced bacterial adhesion resistance, reducing the risks of infection and inducing less foreign body reaction, preventing the formation of exacerbated fibrosis.


After several years of implementation in different surgical specialties, the performance of polymer PVDF has proven its superiority when compared to polypropylene. The PVDF preserves the integrity and stability of the surface of the fiber, bringing safety to patients for long periods.



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