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DynaMesh – Lichtenstein

DynaMesh Lichtenstein was designed for inguinal hernia repair by Lichtenstein tension free technique.



Specification: Made from state-of-the-art textile technology, DynaMesh Lichtenstein has the following characteristics:

  •  Elastic area, which provides ease in adjusting the mesh around the spermatic cord without creases or folds;
  •  The preexisting crack forms a tunnel perfectly adaptable, which allows for the optimal allocation of the spermatic cord;
  •  The atraumatic edges, soft, perfectly finished, reduce postoperative pain and the risks of erosion in the spermatic cord;
  •  The structural ones, which are especially woven, offer excellent textile porosity and excellent effective porosity after the merger, providing growth to the physiological tissue and providing more comfort to the patient;
  •  The innovative textile technology of DynaMesh Lichtenstein and its special format for application in tension-free technique offer greater strength and eliminate the need for cutting during surgery.


  • Instruction manual