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DynaMesh – IPST

The intraperitoneal mesh is indicated for the prevention of parastomal hernia.

DynaMesh-IPST is the only one, seamless, with optimal flexibility and elasticity, easy handling for open and laparoscopic techniques, offering maximum comfort and minimal trauma to the patient.

Specification: For best performance, DynaMesh-IPST integrates the innovation of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), on the visceral side to prevent adhesion of the intestine to the mesh, the convenience of polypropylene in the parietal side, to provide seamless integration to the wall abdominal.





After several years of implementation in different surgical specialties, the performance of polymer PVDF has proven its superiority when compared to polypropylene. The PVDF preserves the integrity and stability of the surface of the fiber, bringing safety to patients for long periods.



Scientific evidence

(BERGER D. Prevention of paraestomal hernias by prophylatic use of a specially, designed intraperitoneal onlay mesh (DynaMesh IPST). Hernia, n.13, v.12, 2008)


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