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DynaMesh – Endolap

DynaMesh Endolap has been carefully designed for the repair of inguinal hernia by laparoscopy (TAPP and TEP techniques).




  •  Unique textile technology, which allows for the placement of the mesh through a 5 mm optical trocar, easy opening of the mesh of the surgery field and green lines guiding the correct positioning of the mesh.
  •  Compatibility with fixation methods in case of fixing the mesh.
  •  The structures, especially woven, offer excellent textile porosity and excellent effective porosity after the merger, providing growth to the physiological tissue and bringing greater comfort to the patient.



After several years of implementation in different surgical specialties, the performance of polymer PVDF has proven its superiority when compared to polypropylene. The PVDF preserves the integrity and stability of the surface of the fiber, bringing safety to patients for long periods.



Scientific evidence


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