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    DynaMesh – CICAT

    DynaMesh CICAT has been developed for the repair and prophylaxis of incisional hernia in open extraperitoneal surgery. The product has unique structure, which prevents the zipper effect, providing singular resistance. Moreover, it has elasticity in three distinct directions, optimally adapting to the biomechanical characteristics of the abdominal wall.

    DynaMesh – Endolap

    DynaMesh Endolap has been carefully designed for the repair of inguinal hernia by laparoscopy (TAPP and TEP techniques).

    DynaMesh – IPST

    The intraperitoneal mesh is indicated for the prevention of parastomal hernia. DynaMesh-IPST is the only one, seamless, with optimal flexibility and elasticity, easy handling for open and laparoscopic techniques, offering maximum comfort and minimal trauma to the patient. Specification: For best performance, DynaMesh-IPST integrates the innovation of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), on the visceral side to Read more

    DynaMesh PP Light

    =PP light mesh is indicated for the treatment of inguinal and femoral hernias, using the Lichtenstein technique.  


    The DynaMesh-IPOM mesh is indicated for the intraperitoneal treatment of ventral, incisional, umbilical and parastomal hernias.  Less foreign body reaction, in order to prevent the formation of exacerbated fibrosis by offering greater patient comfort. Technical Specification: The DynaMesh IPOM monofilament mesh is constructed from polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) and polypropylene (PP), biologically stable and with no Read more

Oncology - Infusional Line

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    Sorry, this entry is only available in Português.

    The first kit has been launched for handling completely implantable catheters and it has been 100% adapted to the domestic reality: ONCOKIT – Venous Access, revolutionizes and facilitates oncological nursing care. This oncological nursing solution was launched to contribute to a safe, easy, and standardized procedure.

    The Safestep Infusion device is indicated for the septal insertion of a subcutaneously implanted chamber (the implantable chamber is not part of the product, being sold separately) and in the perfusion of fluid in the chamber. The safety feature of the Safestep Infusion device is activated manually during removal of the needle, having been designed Read more

    ChemoSet is a piece of equipment or infusion line made ​​of polyethylene, plasticizer DEHP free and with a 0.22 micrometers filter. This product is ideal for the infusion of chemotherapy paclitaxel.  

    Huber needle with integrated safety mechanism Miniloc is a Huber needle puncture indicated for totally implanted catheter with integrated safety needle device and lubricated. The security mechanism minimizes puncture accidents especially involving nurses. Valuing the safety of health professionals, during removal of the puncture, the activation of the safety mechanism can be confirmed by three Read more

    PrimoPort – low profile is a fully implantable catheter, of low profile, designed to promote prolonged and repeated access to the vascular system, indicated for parenteral infusion of medication, fluids, parenteral nutrition, and obtaining blood samples. Pediatric use.

    PrimoPort is a totally implanted tunneled catheter for long peranence. It is placed in deep veins to facilitate the application of drugs (chemotherapy) and blood derivatives. The PrimoPort also facilitates the collection of blood samples for tests by avoiding repeated and painful venipuncture. With PrimoPort there is no need to puncture the arm veins with Read more

    AutoFuser is a mechanic and completely disposable infuser that, by using a simple and efficient system, offers the patient the opportunity to receive intravenous drugs, over long periods of infusion, in the comfort of their homes, preserving their autonomy, quality of life and familiar coexistence.

    Manufactured by BMR Medical, a Brazilian industry, the Paragon System uses a precise and patented spring mechanism which ensures a continuous infusion from beginning to end. Paragon provides versatility and accuracy to users. The system allows the infusions to be performed on an outpatient or at home, contributing to the quality of life of patients Read more

Oncology - Diagnostic Line

    Semi-automatic device for biopsy of soft tissues Handy Biopsy device is a semiautomatic disposable needle for biopsy of soft tissues such as lung, thyroid, breast, liver, kidney, prostate, cartilage, transvaginal, which allows to obtain samples of 20 mm. The soft tissue fragments obtained with Biopsy Handy are used in pathological tests to assist in diagnosis.

    Liver biopsy by the Menguini Hepa technique Hepa Cut has a safety device that retains the sample inside the needle, preventing their migration into the syringe. The safety lock prevents uncoupling plunger and syringe. The product comes with a scalpel and needle for aspiration of sodium chloride.

    The myelo-can needle is used to obtain bone marrow aspirates, by puncture of the posterior iliac crest or the sternum, to perform the bone marrow examination.

    Aspi Cut

    The Aspi CUT needle is used to obtain bone marrow aspirates, by puncture of the posterior iliac crest or the sternum, to perform the bone marrow examination.

Women's Health

    DynaMesh Cesa Ceresa | Vasa Varesa

    The DynaMesh ® implants – CESA/CERESA and VASA / VARESA  are intended to strengthen the structures of the ligaments and connective tissue. Specification: The implants are made of monofilament mesh polyvinylidene fluoride biologically stable and absorbable.


    DynaMesch PR2 was developed for for rectocele and cystocele repair through posterior approach.  


    The DynaMesh-PRS was developed for vaginal vault prolapse repair.  


    DynaMesch PR4 was developed for cystocele repair through anterior approach through posterior repair.

    Rumi II System

    The right choice for all laparoscopic pelvic procedures. Among its benefits, this product improves outcomes of minimally invasive surgery, facilitating the work of doctors and rehabilitation of patients.

    DynaMesh PR

    DynaMesh line has been developed for the surgical correction of pelvic organ prolapse.

    DynaMesh SIS

    DynaMesh SIS can be placed through the retronsinfisary or transobturatoric approach.  Depending on the approach chosen, the appropriate insertion tool should be used. Depending on the surgical approach chosen, DynaMesh-SIS can be deployed to repair vaginal vault prolapse. The mesh was developed for the pelvic organ prolapse surgical correction.

Men's Health


    The implantable DynaMesh-PRM meshes were designed for the male urinary stress incontinence treating, for lenient to severe cases, through the transobturator suburethral sling technique. Specification: The mesh is constructed from polyvinylidene difluoride mesh (PVDF) biologically stable and with no reabsorption.


    Sorry, this entry is only available in Português.