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The first kit has been launched for handling completely implantable catheters and it has been 100% adapted to the domestic reality: ONCOKIT – Venous Access, revolutionizes and facilitates oncological nursing care.

This oncological nursing solution was launched to contribute to a safe, easy, and standardized procedure.MP119rev00_PASTA



ONCOKIT integrates with oncological solutions and catheter handling since it reunites the best and safest devices:

  • There are over 900 variations
  •  It is completely personalized
  • It serves all standardized processes


In order to contribute to standardization and safety in the puncture port, the OncoKit includes a label for performing the procedure checklist; as well as, idealizing all required steps for execution the insertion, thereby assuring a safe procedure, including careful attention to all details.


The ONCOKIT results from the search of best practices in handling totally implanted catheter, CDC has been defined as a reference and INS and ONS international nursing organizations.

For further information on this Kit compliant with the NR32 recommendations, get in touch with us at: contact@bmrmedical.com.br and receive exclusive contents.