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The DynaMesh-IPOM mesh is indicated for the intraperitoneal treatment of ventral, incisional, umbilical and parastomal hernias.

 Less foreign body reaction, in order to prevent the formation of exacerbated fibrosis by offering greater patient comfort.


Technical Specification: The DynaMesh IPOM monofilament mesh is constructed from polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) and polypropylene (PP), biologically stable and with no absorption.

The product is available in cases of two or five units.



Depois de vários anos de aplicação em diferentes especialidades cirúrgicas, o desempenho do polímero de PVDF provou sua superioridade, quando comparado ao polipropileno. O PVDF preserva a integridade da superfície e estabilidade da fibra, trazendo segurança ao paciente por longos prazos. pvdf


After several years of implementation in different surgical specialties, the performance of polymer PVDF has proven its superiority when compared to polypropylene. The PVDF preserves the integrity and stability of the surface of the fiber, bringing safety to patients for long periods. pvdf


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