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Who we are

BMR Medical is a health products manufacturer since 2005.

With the mission of developing high quality products and technology, the Paraná based manufacturer, BMR Medical, provides products for oncology, hematology, analgesia, gastrointestinal surgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, dermatology, gynecology and urology.

Aligned with the national development policy of the health industrial complex, BMR Medical has built its plant located at BR 116, No. 1440, at 1,4 km on the highway linking Curitiba (in the State of Paraná) to São Paulo (Capital of the State of São Paulo). The plant has six thousand square meters of built area, in a total of 37 thousand square meters.

To ensure the safety and efficacy of the products it offers, BMR Medical has the most important national and international certifications, such as the U.S. FDA’s, the European Community’s and ANVISA’s.

The company is also a member of the Brazilian Association of Importers of Medical and Hospital Equipment, Products & Supplies (ABIMED) and of the Brazilian Association of the Medical, Dental, Hospital and Laboratory Equipment Industry (ABIMO).

Field of expertise: manufacturing, research, outsourcing, development, trading, export and import.

Support: Pre sale and after sale.


BMR Medical has, in its innovative industry, the ability to serve more than 100 thousand patients per month.

In order to foster industrial intelligence, BMR Medical will allocate 40% of production to partners wishing to manufacture in Brazil. This business model is already in place in the major industrial plants in Europe and in the United States.

Technical Specification - Clean Area

  • Central medical compressed air conditioning, free from particles, water and oil.
  • ISO Class 7 in productive areas and ISO Class 8 in other environments.
  • 1,200m² ISO Class 7 cleanroom
  • Self-leveling epoxy floors, following the pattern of the pharmaceutical industry.
  •  Partition panels in thermal insulating material with see-through displays giving comfort and visibility into productive areas.
  •  Rounded corners in aluminum.
  •  All environments are monitored by cameras and strict control of automated access to productive areas.

Foreign Trade

In addition to representing several international companies and distributing their products in Brazil and in Mercosur, BMR Medical offers its partners the following services:

  •  Representation and distribution of health products in Brazil and Mercosur;
  •  Registering of health products before the health surveillance agencies in Mercosur;
  •  Assistance to regulatory matters;
  •  Assistance to clinical studies in Brazil;
  •  Licensing of new technologies and products;
  •  Development of new products.

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Environmental and social awareness

The industry strives for individual and corporate actions of environmental responsibility in order to ensure a clean and healthy future for the generations to come.

Among our employees, we encourage conscious consumption of water, energy, proper waste disposal and, whenever possible, recycling of residue. Moreover, we give priority to the use of means of transportation with the lowest possible rates of pollution.

To recognize and respect the individuality and potential of each employee, the industry was built respecting the standards of accessibility with ramps, elevators, etc. .


Paragon to the world

Present in Latin America and Europe, Paragon technology has ISO 13485 certification, which shows the capacity of the BMR Medical to manufacture and supply quality products to meet domestic and international standards.

Paragon technology was the first one developed in the world to provide quality of life and allow the patient to receive treatment in the comfort of their homes, avoiding hospitalization. The benefits of this technology are available for the treatment with anticancer drugs, analgesics, antibiotics, iron chelation therapy.


  • 2005 - BMR Medical is born

  • 2007 - Launch of the AutoFuser elastomeric infuser

  • 2008 - Start of the Implantation of the Industry

  • 2008 - Launch of the Miniloc Needles

  • 2011 - ISO 13485 Certification

  • 2011 - Acquisition of the Paragon System from the Kimberly Clark Group

  • 2011 - Launch of the entire Dynamesh line for Pelvic Floor and Hernia

  • 2013 - Conclusion of the transfer of the Paragon technology to Boston (EUA)

  • 2014 - Conclusion of the Construction Works

  • 2014 - Transfer of Paragon's industrial park from Boston to Brazil