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DynaMesh Cesa Ceresa | Vasa Varesa

The DynaMesh ® implants – CESA/CERESA and VASA / VARESA  are intended to strengthen the structures of the ligaments and connective tissue. Specification: The implants are made of monofilament mesh polyvinylidene fluoride biologically stable and absorbable.


DynaMesch PR2 was developed for for rectocele and cystocele repair through posterior approach.  


The DynaMesh-PRS was developed for vaginal vault prolapse repair.  


DynaMesch PR4 was developed for cystocele repair through anterior approach through posterior repair.

Rumi II System

The right choice for all laparoscopic pelvic procedures. Among its benefits, this product improves outcomes of minimally invasive surgery, facilitating the work of doctors and rehabilitation of patients.

DynaMesh PR

DynaMesh line has been developed for the surgical correction of pelvic organ prolapse.

DynaMesh SIS

DynaMesh SIS can be placed through the retronsinfisary or transobturatoric approach.  Depending on the approach chosen, the appropriate insertion tool should be used. Depending on the surgical approach chosen, DynaMesh-SIS can be deployed to repair vaginal vault prolapse. The mesh was developed for the pelvic organ prolapse surgical correction.